Why Do Gambians Prefer ACE Money Transfer For Sending Money To Gambia?

ACE Money Transfer is a developed financial regulation platform that is operational in all over the Asia, UK, US and Africa. With the passage of time, its customer base has been getting stronger and stronger. Customers who have to transfer payments regularly trust ACE Money transfers due to a multitude of reasons and some of them are enlisted below.

·       User-Friendly Money Transfer Process

90% of the people prefer to do online money transfer to Gambia, for the ease of the beneficiary. But according to research, many people still hesitate from electronic transfers due to the complex and time-taking processes. ACE Money Transfer provide its customers with the most facilitating way that enables you to send money to Gambia in three simple steps only.

  • Enter the amount (to be sent) and the state (of the beneficiary)
  • Enter the basic details of the receiver such as name, number, email and IBAN.
  • If the recipent does not have a bank account, he can still get the payment on his CNIC, phone number or money transfer online app.

That’s it! Your transaction will be processed and you will be given an exclusive Shipment Id that permits you to check your transfer status at any minute. You can also share this with the receiver for accurate measurement of ETA.

·       Cheapest Rates

The transfer fee for overseas transfer starts from as low as 0$. Remittents are given special packages that help them in pre-scheduling the transactions, thus getting the best rate and fastest possible shipment delivery. There is no hidden fee in transfers and costing policies are extremely transparent. Exchange rates are also optimised so you do not have to worry about paying any unnecessary charges when you send money to Gambia online.

·       24/7 Service

Doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend, a festival or any other vacation, Ace Money transfers has its platforms available for the customers every time. The personnel works in shifts to fulfil the needs and answer the queries in all time zones. So, even if it’s a last moment payment transfer, we have got you covered.

·       Multiple Payout Locations

With extensive payout locations, ACE money transfer do not restrict you to a single option when you send money to Africa. Moreover, you can also select the most feasible money transfer medium for the beneficiary. Some of the services include,

  • Sending payments online.
  • Door to door delivery for people living in rural areas where online banking is not a developed concept.
  • Transferring payments as e-money in the app vault which can be used directly for making cashless transactions.

A happy customer is an ultimate marketing weapon and we prefer to keep our army strong to cater to every need of the people around the globe.

1.      Customer Care

If any person has any query related to international transactions, transfer limits, exchange rate etc then our customer care department is present 24/7 to assist you.