Why International Remittance Trend Keeps on Increasing in Pakistan?

Pakistan is amongst the very few countries in the world whose citizens move abroad almost every year. This increase in the number of people moving abroad has, in turn, led to the rise in the international remittance that is sending money to Pakistan.

According to research, it has been estimated that in the year 2018-19 alone, around twenty-two billion dollars have been sent to Pakistan.

Which Countries Are Contributing to Pakistan’s International Remittance?

Amongst the countries from which there is the largest number of people who send money to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United States Of America, and the United Kingdom are on the top of the list.

In order to facilitate the international remittance that is directed towards Pakistan, the government and other service providers have come up with different channels through which one can send money to Pakistan. Such facilities are also available for people who wish to send money online.

What are the Drawbacks of Money Transfer Via Traditional Methods?

There is the option of using some traditional deposit methods for money transfer to Pakistan. But this method is not only expensive sometimes, but it is time-taking as well mostly. The exchange rate offered by them is often lower, and the transfer fee is also high. Moreover, money requires sometimes at least three days to be received in Pakistan.

Why ACE Money Transfer is a Better Company?

Therefore, it can be unarguably stated that the better way to send money to Pakistan online from abroad is through a reliable service provider that is ACE Money Transfer. ACE Money Transfer is a renowned name in the field of international remittance. They have an online money transfer service that is available in a lot of countries around the world.

The most commendable thing about ACE Money Transfer is the fact that they prioritize the customers above anything else. The needs of the customers are the topmost priority for them. They put in immense effort so that the customers can be guaranteed the right services in town.

Time is money, and ACE Money Transfer believes it. When a time frame is provided for the money to be transferred, ACE will ensure that it is followed strictly. Customers have never complained about delays in payment and the receiving of money when the transfer is carried out through them.

How Online Transactions Provide Reliability?

The customer reviews of ACE Money Transfer are a clear reflection of their high-quality service standards. The customers never go in search of any other service provider once they have experienced the level of services offered by ACE Money Transfer.

They are reliable, safe, and on top of all the most affordable medium. Through these mediums, your money can be sent from any country around the world to Pakistan.

Are you someone who lives abroad, tired of steady transfer of money, and wants a source with fast remittance to send money to Pakistan, your homeland?

Why has it become a need for today’s world?

In today’s time, the world is getting advance in science and technology; it has become a blessing in every aspect of life.

Science has proved its name in every field and paved the way to connect the world in a chain. Now the time has come to take advantage of this grace.

You are scared of the manual method of transferring money through banks. Then you must look for another service. A service for online money transfer to Pakistan is right.

What is the difference between Traditional and Online Money Transfer Service?

There are some merits and demerits of traditional methods in which you can check and find out the difference between conventional transfer and online transfer service to send money to Pakistan.


Traditional transfer methodsOnline Money transfer
Transferring money via traditional methods will usually restrict you to the sole option of transferring it to another bank or other such option on the receiving end.Online service providers such as ACE Money Transfer transfers such that the receiver may pick up cash at any urgent location in the recipient country
Slow transactionFast transaction
Prolonged transferEasy transfer in a few minutes
High transfer costLow transfer cost and multiple cash pick up points
No currency exchange facilityProvides currency exchange facility


Why ACE Online Money Transfer Service to Send Money To Pakistan Is So Reliable?

ACE Money Transfer Service has risen from the United Kingdom and has now spread its wings in almost 100 countries. It is one of the best-considered options to transfer money to Pakistan, as it provides: 

  • Simple, hustle free and quick transaction
  • Optimal exchange rates
  • Multiple payment options
  • Experienced professionals
  • Admirable remittance experience
  • Excellent customer support and best reviews

What is the Method to register yourself at the ACE Money Transfer?

By getting yourself registered at ACE, you can transfer money anytime to anyone living in Pakistan from anywhere without facing any ambiguity or difficulty with just a click of your finger. For an online money transfer to Pakistan, here is the precise procedure which is to be followed:

  • Register yourself at our website or download the mobile application
  • Select a transfer method
  • Add your details
  • Add recipient information
  • Enter the amount to be transferred

Finally, you will receive a confirmation message regarding your successful money transfer. It will be transferred in a few minutes probably.

In your hectic and strict routine, an Online money transfer service has provided you with a time saving and efficient method.


By choosing the online money transfer, your time would be saved. It provides a peerless short method without any problem regarding continuous visiting and currency exchange problems like in older ways with fast remittance.

ACE Money Transfer is one of the best companies providing the right solutions to any issue faced by the customer. It provides an easy to use the platform – no matter you are using their website or app. One can send money to any part of the globe using this marvellous service.