Why is a National ID required for online money transfer?

Sending online money has become a norm as it offers so much functionality and usability wherever you go. You can send all amounts of money to different money transfer services with a very simple process to follow.

On services like ACE Money Transfer, you have to provide your ID card to make the money transaction. To send money to India, you have to follow the guidelines of providing the documents so that your transaction can proceed.

Though you have to follow certain limits when sending money online for a certain period, you can also raise these limits. You will be asked to upgrade your account by giving additional information and documents.


How can you give the needed information and documentation?

You may be asked certain questions in your transaction with the use of secure online forms. But if more information is required, we will email you using the instructions on the information and documents needed.

National ID card and digital world

In the previous decade, the number of money transfers to India through digital platforms has exponentially increased. But prominent attractions of ease of use play hand in hand with the greatly held perception which electronic media is comparatively fragile.

The absence of written proof and eyewitness characteristics of electron means of exchange has quite quickly led to a need for a solution that may guarantee the receiver’s identity or the issuer.


Robust technology

Using the MEV chip cards, billions of dollars are being moved around the world every day without getting stolen. The very same technology may be used to address the boosting threat of identity fraud. The microprocessor-based smart cards that protect identity credentials are thought to be the more secure authentication means.

It makes it very possible to keep the identity fraud and also effectively protect citizens’ data. This is why it is established as the medium of choice for granting access to e-Government Applications.

ID cards are a valid proof of identity, which shall simplify the public and private transactions, get enrolled in schools, and open bank accounts. For online money transfer to India, you may find numerous options for the transaction, but only a few will seem legit and safe.


Can I send money without an ID card?

Receiving an amount of money without an ID on the test question is possible if the transaction is under 1,000 USD or the local equal. The receiver should copy all of the official police reports stating the loss of an ID.

Receivers should represent the acceptable ID when getting money. ID cards show the proof of someone being enrolled and assigned lawfully to receive the amount being sent. When you are sending money through Western Union, you may also send money without an ID card.

However, the Money Transfer Control Number will be needed and a valid government-issued ID. And for the questions, whether you can pick up money, having an ID goes with that as long as the sender used the test question and the clerk checked the ‘Pay without an ID’ box.

You will find many money transfer services that allow you to forward a small amount of money without an ID card, but you can use your ID card for bigger transactions or increase your limit.

Sending money online has become a great help for business owners and other people who constantly send money across their network constantly and consistently.


You can collect money showing your ID card at an agent location even if you don’t have an account set up for this service. So now you can send money to India online using your ID card through ACE money transfers.