Why is ACE Money Transfer expert for send money to your loved ones in Ghana?

                What do you think about secure ways to send money to Ghana? In this article, we will walk you through the reasons making ACE Money Transfer an expert in sending money to your loved ones in Ghana, which is a Sub-Saharan African country.

Ghana has suffered immensely due to political instability and turmoil resulting from repeated military interventions, which in turn halted the economic activity in Ghana to a large extent and rendered huge segments of the population jobless. These hapless people fell into the traps of abject poverty alleviating which pushed them out of Ghana to find work and lead expatriate lives.

Sending money online back home as an expatriate worker is essential and is the core purpose of life overseas.  This requires people to contact companies whose service quality and expertise they blindly trust. And with a presence in over a hundred countries worldwide, ACE Money Transfer is the only choice to send money to Ghana online for the Ghana diaspora spread worldwide.

Let’s now see how ACE is the expert in the said business.

Register simply:- The first step is to register with ACE Money Transfer company by following a few simple steps. ACE is present across Ghana; therefore approaching its multiple offices is easy.

You are required to sign up with us within a few clicks to begin your exciting journey with us.

Options to send:- After you have signed up with ACE, you will realize that the list of options to choose from to send money is big including through your Debit or Credit card or a bank account, which until recently was the strict jurisdiction of banks only.

Send through the web portal:- All you need to send funds through our web portal is to simply visit our page and book, initiate and even complete a transaction.

Send through the app:- ACE Money Transfer is one of the very few companies which have launched a user-friendly mobile app for online money transfer to Ghana and other countries. This app is easy to install and equally easy to operate unlike a few other mobile apps launched by some other companies that are though easy to install, of course, but difficult to use.

Mobile top-up:- ACE offers its unique service allowing its customers to top-up a mobile phone in Ghana or other countries worldwide.

Comfort zone:- With ACE you can book, initiate and even complete a transaction right from the middle of your comfort zone, provided you have a smartphone or a PC, an internet connection and an account with ACE.

Transfer on the go:- ACE enables its customers to book and initiate a transaction on the go so, you do not have to plan properly to visit the office of an online money transfer company.

Track your transactions:- ACE also allows its customers to track transactions once they have been initiated and the money gets moving. We know that keeping an eye on your money as it moves and transacts is important. And not many companies offer this feature of tracking transactions.

Mobile wallet:- ACE also helps its customers transfer funds through mobile wallets – a practice that is relatively new but is finding traction with many people worldwide.

Let’s now see what options are available to collect funds in Ghana through ACE.

Cash collect:- Customers can collect funds in cash if this option is picked up by both the sender and beneficiary. The recipient has to provide the 14-digit code and original government-issued identity.

Bank transfers:- To facilitate its customers across Ghana, ACE has established a deep wok liaison with many commercial banks whose branches are aplenty and easily accessible. A few of these banks are Tigo; Airtel Money; MTN; Wari Ghana; United Bank of Africa, Ghana; First Atlantic Bank, Ghana and Bank of Africa Ghana.

Conclusion:- From all of the above we can safely conclude that ACE is the expert for money transfer to Ghana because it has developed its operation mechanism based on the tailor-made needs and requirements of its customers which is why its customer base is expanding with each passing day.