Why is ACE Money Transfer the best company for sending money online?

Do you want to send money to Nigeria? ACE Money Transfer is a United Kingdom-based money transfer service provider company that has been operating in the North West of England since 2002. Not only does ACE operate, but it is also making itself and its operational presence felt in the market with grace and dignity. ACE is proud to be catering to the needs of the fortunate around the globe.

With this brief introduction to ACE, we will now throw light on the factors making ACE Money Transfer the best company to send money online to literally any nook and corner across the world.

Secure services: – ACE is one of the few money transfer companies with a remarkable presence across Pakistan and in many countries around the world whose security of services is beyond the shadow of the slightest doubts. ACE has not only put in place fool-proof security around its services, but it also has ensured that the beefed-up security is equally user friendly. We can understand well that online frauds are a major reason behind the reluctance of many people to approach companies to avail of online money transfer services. But, ACE has assuaged anxieties of the people to this effect for all online money transfers to Nigeria and worldwide.

Low service fee:- ACE has set its service charges at the bare minimum to ensure that the principal amount does not fluctuate much and both the sender and recipient receive almost the same amount which is promised without many deductions for money transfer to Nigeria and other countries.

Swift fund transfers: – ACE has ensured that the funds’ transfer is extremely quick and rather takes place as you keep clicking the buttons on the screen of your smartphone or your computer screen.

Collection options: – ACE helps the recipient to collect funds through the banks but also through some other methods such as mobile top-up or mobile wallet etc. these options were incorporated in the services offered by ACE after due deliberations and diligence to ease and convenience customers. The impetus was to ensure collection options remain open 24/7 against the banks which go on weekly holidays and operate in a given schedule after which they become inaccessible; whereas, other services remain open and operative in some parts of the country throughout the year.

Easy access:- ACE’s clients can collect their remittance from any branch of the following commercial banks which are available in every nook and corner of the country. These banks are Access Bank; Zenith Bank; Fidelity Bank; Polaris Bank and UBA.

Dual options:- ACE is one of the few money transfer services which has the facility to make financial moves either through its official website or app. Our customers have been convenienced in this regard and it is they who decide which option to choose to send money to Nigeria online.

Customer Service:- Our professional customer service representatives help you along the way in processing transactions, answering your questions and helping you keep a track of your transactions.

Conclusion:- All of the above factors put together make ACE your best option to send or transfer money or remittance online anywhere in the world; which is why the customer base of ACE is on an ever-expansion mode and customer loyalty and faithfulness increasing with each passing day.