Why Overseas Pakistanis Prefer Online Services for Immediate Money Transfers?

Are you an overseas Pakistani earning your livelihood in the Germany to support your family back home? Are you facing continuous problems regarding sending money to Pakistan but haven’t found any solution for it? If yes, then you have landed at a right page.

Time-consuming transfer of hard-earned money has always been a big problem for Pakistanis earning in the Germany. Sometimes your family needs immediate financial support from your side and is dependent on you.

In this situation, you need a secure and reliable money transfer service through which you can send money to Pakistan from Germany quickly and in minimum possible fees. Among all services, online money transfer is a convenient, reliable, secure, and fast service for you to send money to Pakistan from Germany.

How Online Transactions Are Beneficial for Pakistan’s Economy?

A lot of overseas Pakistanis are residing in Germany to earn better through passionate businesses or small big jobs and sending money back home for the better future of their families. A huge number of Pakistanis are currently living in Germany.

Pakistan is declared the 2nd largest ethnic community that is living in the Germany. These Pakistanis send money to Pakistan every month, and as a result, Pakistan receives high remittance through online money transfer. World bank report shows:

Last year the remittance was nearly $49 million which is very beneficial for the country’s economy receiving it.

What is in Online Money Transfer for You?

Online money transfer service carries all the confounding features you need at one platform. Its primary functions are discussed below:

  • It charges you the lowest money transfer fees as compared to other money transfer services such as banks, checks, mail posts, etc.
  • It guarantees you that fast remittance to the recipient country within a fraction of seconds.
  • Also, it’s one of the significant the benefit is that you do not have to exchange the currency you are sending to your family at your homeland. Online money transfer is providing multiple currency exchange options for your ease.
  • Online money transfer is providing a vast network of money transfer companies that are connecting the globe such as ACE Money Transfer, i.e. the most reliable and reputable money transfer service has a vast net around 90+ countries.
  • Online money transfer first the policy is your money security, so you don’t have to worry about money security while money transfers to Pakistan from Germany or to any other place in the world.

How ACE Money Transfer is Assisting Its Customers in Sending Money Online?

ACE money transfer has been helping people living abroad to send their hard-earned money to their homeland for the last almost 18 years.

It is an online money transfer service provider that allows people all around the world who previously used conventional methods for transfer of money receiving hefty transfer fees and prolonged transfer process that wasted both their time and money.

Also, people have trust issues that weather their money is safely handed over to their family in Pakistan or not?

ACE has solved all the problems and given you the reliable, an authentic, fast, and cheap platform of money transfer to Pakistan already having 1 million satisfied customers, who always trust ACE to send money to Pakistan from the Germany.

What is the Method of Sending Money To Pakistan From Germany Using ACE?

You have to follow the following steps to send money to Pakistan through an online money transfer service:

  • Download the ACE mobile application on your smartphone or register yourself on the ACE website.
  • Now you have to enter the details that are demanded from you.
  • A link is sent through the email you provided; verify your email address by clicking on that link.
  • Now you have to add the amount of money, you want to transfer to your loved ones.
  • Now have to provide the recipient’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Select a method for easy cash pickups like a bank account, credit card, or debit card.

After following all these steps, a confirmation message will inform and the recipient about the transfer of your money.

What is the Best in ACE Money Transfer?

Online money transfer along with ACE money transfer has solved the problems of Pakistani that they were facing when they send money to Pakistan from Germany. Cost-effective, time-effective secure, and reliable money transfer service is now at your doorstep.

Send money to Pakistan online from Germany now and surprise your loved ones.

A lot of Pakistani people living in other different countries, that’s why they need to send money to Pakistan to their families. They didn’t have a large number of proper and secure channels to transfer money to their homes; that is why they send money online.

As you know, you are living in a world of cyber, and the internet made our work more secure in a short time.

What Are The Different Ways Of Sending Money To Pakistan?

ACE money transfer gives the most reliable exchange rates and lowest fees for online money transfers to Pakistan.

Some pair of services with local mobile wallet companies like Jazz Cash, Banks, PayPal, and other possibilities are available but come with high fees, weak charges, and longer turnaround.

1.Bank Transfer. Bank transfers are usually an inexpensive option when it comes to funding your international money transfer.

2.Debit Card. Paying for your shipment with a debit card is easy and fast. …

3.Credit Card.



What Are The Advantages Of Online Money Transfer In Pakistan?

Following are the benefits of sending money to Pakistan;


Online sending money is one of the quick and rapid methods of transferring your money in no time. As you know, if you send payment by the bank through cheque, it will take a week to move your money.


Money transfer services one of the secure and dependable media for transferring money. If your check is stolen the thieves can get your money by depositing that check and may result from significant loss to you.

If you transfer cash through the online system it will ensure you that your money is safe and it is in secure hands and prevent you from these types of problem.


Flexibility Malleability is also the advantage of sending money globally. The person who holds the bank accounts can easily set up several or many different external auditors, and by using those accounts, they can move money trade-off as one wishes.

While the first process of buildup and confirm each account can take several or many days, once the account is built up, the exchange of money can be initiated in a matter of minutes.

What Are The Challenges You Will Face During Money Transfer?

Following are the challenges that may occur during money transfer to Pakistan. Non-banking sectors sometimes do not have a license, and that is why they are not allowed to transfer money abroad.

If you send money through banks, it will take many formal procedures, and most of their rules are costly and time-consuming.

  • Insufficient capital: sometimes, banking and non-banking sectors in Pakistan have an inadequate amount of money. That is why they could not give the amount to their end-consumers.
  • Currency problems: some sectors do not include covert currency, so they could not give us the facility to transfer money out of the country.
  • Technical issues: because online transactions rely on online technology so they need software that can work efficiently, but in Pakistan, most of the sectors did not have progress technology. That is why they faced many transactional difficulties in their areas.
  • Service provider: many companies provide money transfer facilities within the country; it means money does not send to the people through banks. Some of these service providers are a fraud. They got people into their trust and stole their money away.

What Are The Comforts In The Online Transfer Of Money To Pakistan?

As you know that you face many difficulties in money transfer to Pakistan through conventional methods, but online money transfer has its significance.

The Following are the comforts you can get in online money transfer.


online money transfer gives us its availability throughout the day. You can send money any time anywhere in Pakistan.


online money transfer has more substantial access and has no limitation.

Low serving rates

As compare to other money transfer methods, online service provides us with low serving rates.


You can also manage several accounts easily over internet banking.

Money record

when you transfer money through online methods, it saves our transaction history with this help. You can check our transaction record anytime, anywhere.

Easy to use

you can send money online through different websites or different applications. This way of transferring money is straightforward to use. This system is user friendly.

That is a speedy and efficient way as users can send funds from one account to another account within no time.