Why sending money to India is important for UK Expats?

Do you how NRIs send money to India? In recent decades, remittances have accelerated significantly to a greater extent. A large proportion of individuals and families completely rely on remittance to fulfil the basic needs of daily life. In a situation like this, remittance plays a vital role in the life of different people. Several UK ex-pats send remittances to their families every month, so they could pay up for their bills or make some investments. In this guide, we will share the tips and tricks to find the best rate to send money to India.


The remittances are accounted for an approximate 60% net contribution to the net income of the recipients. Keep reading to find out more about the best rate to send money to India. The remittances are not just a money transfer, but it holds a significant value towards the state’s economy as well. Since there are many ex-pats from India, searching for feasible ways to transfer money. We will share few aspects of why sending money to the home nations is important for UK-Expats.

Online Money Transfer to India


With time passing by, the need for an online money transfer to India has grown significantly. Research shows that a prominent sector of people only relies on monthly remittances to meet daily life requirements. The prime motive of sending money to Asian countries is to support the livelihood in the homeland. So, that other associated families can survive and meet the required financial obligations. Whenever you are sending a money transfer to India, we believe that money transfer pricing always matters. You can get the best rate to send money to India, exclusively with ACE Money Transfer.


There is no second thought about the fact that remittances open multiple paths. Whether it’s about supporting someone with a daily lifestyle or investing in stocks. Last but not least, remittances have a direct impact on the economic value of the state. As it helps eradicate poverty from the nations, promoting countless employment opportunities.


Why sending money to India is important?

As discussed earlier, remittance plays a significant role in the prospect and development of states. Remittances from developed countries to countries with poor economies are of vital significance. The difference in the strong and weak currency yearns out as profit on the beneficiary’s end. Ultimately, the amount received from remittances aid in flourishing better business and investment opportunities.


All you need is a reliable remittance partner, just like ACE Money Transfer. So, you can find the best rate to send money to India online without any hurdles. The major impact of remittances is towards the livelihood of receiving families. As a result, the living standard is raised to better comfort, empowering domestic and international investments. Altogether, they assist in maintaining economic stability and attracting multiple investments for the recipient country.


Remittances remained Resilient: COVID 19


Even in the hard times of Covid-19, when everything just ran out of order and caused many businesses to shut down. It affected almost every sector, including the remittance transfer system. An instant surge in the remittances is recorded, as people made money transfer to loved ones. So, they can stand through the tough time, followed by the corona pandemic.


The downfall of money transfers has been witnessed in the past year. However, remittances remained resilient with a slight drop. A distinctive number of international remittances have been recorded by the expats. When you choose ACE Money Transfer for your remittance solution, enjoy the best rate to send money to your home nation, only with ACE. It was quite a dilemma for many UK ex-pats to send remittances. In the beginning, lockdowns were imposed, affecting the number of businesses.


Problems Associated with Remittance Transfer 

A common problem associated with remittance transfer is the high exchange rates. It can be quite costly to send money by a UK Ex-pat to India. The other issue regarding remittance transfer is the fraudulent cases that are increasing in number. Hidden fees are also a common issue when it comes to money transfers to the home country. But the good news is finally here, make your first money transfer to India at the best rates. A completely affiliated and approved remarkable remittance solution to accommodate your financial transactions.


ACE Money Transfer- One Stop Solution

ACE focuses on providing its customers with the ideal deals so they can send hassle-free money transfers. ACE Money Transfer is a recognized leading remittance partner in the remittance industry. Enhanced with the latest digital and technological aspects, ACE looks forward to providing exquisite financial services in the remittance industry.


Suppose you are an ex-pat looking for a reliable method to send money to your home country. It’s time to make the right choice and make your transfer with ACE. The top rates feature of managing transactions with ACE is business transparency. So, you don’t need to pay any additional hidden costs for your remittance transactions. Accompanied by digital integrations, ACE strives to deliver secure and efficient transactions.