Why Sending Money to Nigeria is No More a Tiring Task?

Let’s jump to the days when money transfer to Nigeria was one of the most tiring tasks to be done. Then, the online money transfer service changed the whole picture. It provided overseas Nigerians with the most appropriate way to send money to Nigeria in low-cost remittance, fast ever delivery and surety of money security. Before knowing the features and techniques of online money transfer, let’s get an explication to the term ‘Online money transfer’.

Is Online Money Transfer a Hassle-Free Process?

Online money transfer is the modern way to send money online in any other part of the world. Money transfer service is equivalent to the old technology of wire money transfer but is mashed with the new technology of electronic fund transfer (EFT).

On What System Online Money Transfer Service Works For Nigeria?

When you are up to money transfer to Nigeria using an online money transfer service, you wonder, how the money can be transferred from one part of the world to the other part in no time. This is because online money transfer service works on the phenomenon of transfer of data – no paper money is transferred in this process.

How to Make Instant Money Delivery?

Using online money transfer service one can send money to Nigeria in the fastest way possible by going through the following steps:

Find an authentic and reliable money transfer service. ACE Money Transfer is delivering its promises and serving its customers with its confounding services for the past almost 18 years.

Then visit the website of that particular form or download its online money transfer app.

Get yourself registered by signing up for your account.

Add your information.

Enter the amount to be sent

Add the beneficiary information.

Pay by using multiple payment methods such as using a credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Can You Find Low-Cost Remittance Service?

The most confounding feature of online money transfer is that it demands minimal or no transfer fees, even on large payments. When you go for other money transfer services like banks, checks, mail posts then you have to pay for large extra dues thus half of your hard-earned money got drained in the name of the transfer fee.

What are Some Renowned Payment Methods?

Banks often have a high cost and offer a typical method of payment. Money transfer to Nigeria using an online money transfer service provides multiple payment methods. Most of the companies send payment through:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Giropay (Germany only)
  • Bancontact (Belgium only)

And a lot more

Can Big Data Benefits Online Money Transfer?

An online money transfer company helps customers with big data benefits. It causes companies to have better relationships with the target audience. They give them insight into surrounding aspects such as the reason for sending money, timestamps, and frequency of transfers, locations, and devices.

How to Send Money Online with Multicurrency Accounts?

Before remitting money through banks, you have to search for currency exchange. As most of the banks do not provide certain currency exchange and a third bank is involved for final money transfer. In this way, you are at a big loss because you have to pay extra fees for both the banks.

Online money transfer service is providing with the excellent facility of money transfer with multicurrency accounts. By sitting in Nigeria, you can receive an amount directly in rupees or dollars whatever you want, by having different currency accounts on your Smartphone.

Is Online Money Transfer A Safe and Secure Method?

Some people still use traditional methods for money transfer as they consider online money transfer an unsecured way. They think their money is in danger if they send money to Nigeria online.

They are thinking wrong because online money transfer service works on the phenomenon of sending money globally by exchanging encrypted data, not paper; thus, there is no chance of money hacking or money misplacement.

When it’s time for online money transfer to Nigeria, choosing a reputed company is always the right choice. Further, sending money using the best money transfer company adds the icing on the cake.

Why Online Money Transfer Is a Revolution to the Remittance Industry?

Online money transfer service is helping the overseas in many ways so that they can easily send money online and give financial support to the family back at home. After all, the revolution it has made in the remittance industry by its matchless services.

How did It Emerge to Be a Relief for People Who Send Money Globally?

Online money transfer service emerged in the limelight when people were facing a lot of difficulties when sending money through wire money transfer or such other services. The money transfer services of online money transfer emerge to be a relief for all the people who send money globally.

Online money transfer is a mash-up of the new technology of electronic fund transfer (EFT) and old fashioned technology of wire money transfer. Internet service is the main key to this money transfer service. It causes the following revolution in the remittance industry:

It has put the users at ease by providing the continent service of money transfer to Nigeria anywhere, anytime instead of going to the money transfer firms, wasting your time and wait for their delayed processes.

Now you can transfer money to Nigeria or any other place of your choice using online money transfer in minimal or zero transfer fee. You are now out of the burden of paying high transfer fees on every money transfer.

Online money transfer service is providing its customers with excellent transfer rates so that they can send money online without any loss of extra money.

Send money online now because online money transfer has a vast network of money transfer companies. ACE Money Transfer is one of those that is providing its customers with the facility to send money to Nigeria many other countries.

Unlike other money transfer services, online money transfer cares for its customers. It has built strong customer support services that are 24/7 available and is ready to clear the queries of every customer.

You can transfer money to Nigeria online using a fast and secure remittance service of online money transfer. You don’t have to get fear of the security of your money because money security is the prior policy of online money transfer.

Fast And Secure Money Transfer Service:

Online money transfer service has won the reputation of the fastest and secure money transfer service as it works on the phenomenon of data transfer, not the paper transfer. When you deposit money to a money transfer company:

The deposited money converts to data.

Data gets coded and with multiple encryptions.

As the money is received at the recipient country, it gets decoded and is converted to paper money.

The whole process is done within a fraction of seconds, and the money is safe and secured in the entire process.


Online money transfer has put a revolution in the remittance industry and causes ease in the life of people by providing fast, convenient, reliable, cheap and safe money transfer services. Use online money transfer service to money transfer to Nigeria now without any second thought.