Why Several Families in Senegal Relied On the Income of Foreign Remittance?

People move to other countries and cities when they found better job opportunities and for study purposes also. They need money transfers services when they have to send money back to their family. Senegalese often relied on the remittances of their relatives working abroad. If you want to send money to Senegal, the process is not too difficult.

Banks and money transfer companies are considered among some of the safe ways of transferring money. There are several ways of moving money. Here is how you can transfer money easily.

What Information Do You Need to Transfer Money?

There are a few things that you need to provide depending upon the way you choose to transfer money to Senegal. You need to know how much money you want to transfer, and your account has enough amounts or not.

You cannot initiate a transaction if you do not have enough amounts. In that case, you may have to pay an overdraft fee to start the transaction.

For transferring the money, you also need to know account numbers and routing numbers of both banks. If you do not know account numbers, you can get it from a check.

You can also get these numbers from an online banking account. Name of both banks and their locations are also needed.

Can we Transfer Money Through ATM?

It is the simplest way to send money online. Digital ways are more preferred these days for online money transfer to Senegal. It is a good option if you have to move money immediately. Using an ATM charge transaction fee for transferring money from one bank account to others.

Is it Beneficial to Send Money Using Checks?

Another simple way of transferring money is via checks. For this kind of transfer, you need to write a check, and then you can deposit this check at the other bank. Check is beneficial if you want to deposit the amount in your account or wish to move money in someone else’s account.

How Online Banking Ease Online Money Transfer?

Online banking is the best option for transferring money to your loved ones. Most of the banks have a mobile application that you can install on your phone and can send money to Senegal online. Transfer within the country is free almost.

But if you are sending money abroad, then it will charge a transfer fee and currency exchange fee. You need to enter the account number and bank name of the beneficiary and can initiate the transaction.


Sending money via banks is a secure option but an expensive method for transferring money. Online banking is the best option. Using online banking apps, money transfer to Senegal is easier than ever — Whenever and wherever you want.

Sending money abroad charge currency exchange and transfer fee. You can also consider some trusted money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfers. These companies have convenient mobile applications and secure websites so that you can initiate transactions at home.

These companies provide reasonable exchange rates and charge fewer transfer fees. So try services that suit your requirements and support your family financially.