Why should ACE be the first choice for sending money from the UK to World?

Did you ever think about how beneficiaries receive cash when you send money to Ghana? This article will walk you through the reasons making ACE Money Transfer the first choice for people residing in the UK for sending money online to other parts of the world.

Here is a quick look at the said reasons.

Low fee:- Many online money transfer companies have dual ways of making a profit to stay in the market and survive on each money transfer to Ghana or other countries. They charge fees or service charges for transferring money and also earn through currency exchange rates. ACE is one of the few companies which have only one way to earn profit. And that is through service fee. ACE’s fee is surprisingly low as compared to other companies. This practice of charging low fees has helped ACE establish its visible presence in over 95 countries worldwide, spreading over four continents. People approach ACE in flocks to send money online.

Secure services:- Online money transfer service is vulnerable and prone to frauds and hacking. World’s print and electronic media are replete with instances where people are diddled and deprived of their money. ACE is one of the few companies whose services are tightly secured with zero margins for frauds.

Easy app:- Another factor with which ACE stands out is its easy-to-use mobile app. Its usage does not require one to be tech-savvy. It is a simple app, accessible and usable for online money transfer to Ghana or another corner of the world within just a few clicks.

Convenience:- Offices of ACE are spread across the UK, which make it convenient for people to approach it without having to undergo the fatigue of physical visitation to a distantly located office. Many renowned companies have a problem of limited presence, which makes it hard for people to approach those offices conveniently.

Connectivity:- ACE connects with many British banks and financial institutions, which makes it even easier for people inhibiting the UK to send money online to any other part of the world.

Customer service:- ACE sets in place an efficient customer service whose representatives not only answer calls 24*7 but also guide customers along the way from the initiation of a transaction till it completes.

Global reach:- ACE is among a few money transfer companies which have a global reach as these few companies such as RIA and WorldRemit etc., have many offices spread across many countries worldwide. Therefore, people hailing from different parts of the world can easily connect with ACE Money Transfer.

Best rates:- ACE offers its customers the best currency exchange rates without extracting profit, which is unusual at many other companies, alongside charging a service fee.

Speed: ACE ensures you send money to Ghana online in as short-short a span of time as possible, which normally takes only a few minutes to a few hours.

A moment of pride for ACE:- The World Bank, in a recently published report, placed ACE at the second position after Western Union in the list of best money transfer companies worldwide.

Conclusion:- ACE is the best choice for British people to send money online to anywhere else in the world due to the above-mentioned factors. These factors, coupled with uncompromised service quality, have pushed international financial institutions like the World Bank to rank ACE as the second best online money transfer service in the world.