Why should you choose a money Transfer Company carefully?

                Have you ever thought about how to send money to Nepal? In this article, we will walk you through points that make it important for you to choose a money transfer company with utmost care.

Online money transfer services have proved to be of immense help for people travelling abroad to find work and send money back home to their loved ones to support them financially.

However, this does not mean that you can approach any company blindly to send funds online. Here is a quick look at the points you should give due consideration to while choosing a company.

Service charges:- Obviously, when you get served, you pay. But, the confusion is when services and payment are disproportionate. And it has been a major issue in the remittance industry. Many companies take huge amounts as service charges or fees for money transfers to Nepal and other developing countries, which makes the remitter pay more to the company than the beneficiary, so to speak. Even despite tall claims of charging low, many companies extract hidden charges which customers have no ideas about. Therefore, check closely if a company is charging you appropriately.

Transparency:- You must check the fee and service charges mechanism to see if there is complete transparency or doubts exist. And we highly recommend finding other credible companies such as ACE if you sense doubts about a company’s mechanism of fee or service charges.

Pace of transfer:- How much time your funds will take to reach the beneficiary is important. Although this time varies from company to company some companies such as ACE take from a few minutes to a few hours to transfer funds anywhere worldwide. Delay in transferring funds can aggravate a problem or an emergency if one has arisen.

Connectivity:- Another important point is to check the connectivity and network strength of the online company whose services you will use for online money transfer to Nepal. It will be a hazard for the sender as well as the receiver to put in tiring efforts to find suitable and easily approachable points for sending and collecting funds. Therefore, always try to find a company which has a strong and vast network of offices.

Safety and security:- Online businesses are not without perils. You can end up being deprived of your funds through online frauds if you do not look for some reputable and credible companies such as TransferWise, WorldRemit or ACE etc. There have been instances where some unscrupulous companies operated at a certain place for a fixed amount of time to gain people’s trust and accumulated a lot of money and then one fine morning disappeared along with their so-called infrastructure and staff and left no traces behind. Look for credibility so that your transaction remains secured and safe.

Customer service:- It is also an important factor to consider with care if you want to ensure you choose the best options to send money. Many companies help you send funds through mobile wallet, or into accounts etc. You are deciding which option to choose can be difficult for you at times. To help you in such confusing moments, efficient customer service such as ACE’s is of immense help and convenience. ACE company’s customer service not only helps you with your queries 24*7 but also helps you along the way from initiating to completing a transaction. You can also send money to Nepal online into beneficiaries mobile wallets through the ACE money transfer mobile app.

Conclusion:- After studying all of the above, we can say that the question of why choosing a company with care is sufficiently answered. If you can find all of these qualities in an online money transfer company, such as ACE, be sure to have reached and contacted a reliable and credible company.