Why should you choose ACE Money Transfer over other companies?

                Do you know how to send money to Pakistan? In this article, we will walk you through reasons making ACE Money Transfer the only option you could trust blindly to send money to a West African country Senegal.

There are many companies that offer online money transfer services. You can approach any company randomly, but in doing so, you risk your financial health and life. And you are leaving it to your judgment to decide which company to approach and which not is equally intriguing. Therefore, which online money transfer company should be chosen to send money to Senegal depends on the following few factors.

Let’s now look at those factors and find out how those factors make ACE a preferred choice for money transfer to Pakistan.

Legality:- ACE Money Transfer has a presence in over a hundred countries worldwide and has been doing business in those countries after getting licensed by the concerned financial regulatory authorities and operating strictly within the legal frameworks stipulated by the respective governments.

Fee:- With ACE you will not have to worry about paying huge sums of money as fees or service charges which most of the online money transfer companies charge. While transferring money through ACE to Senegal or elsewhere you will have the advantage of saving money that you would spend otherwise as fee or service charges and this will help you send more money back home.

Exchange rates:- ACE offers its customers the best currency exchange rates in which ACE just does not extract any profit. It is a feature that puts ACE well ahead of almost all other companies because many other companies earn two-way profits by firstly charging fees and secondly by keeping a margin in the currency exchange rates.

No hidden charges:- ACE has an ultra-transparent operating mechanism which is not common with many of the other companies that include many hidden charges under one pretext or the other in the final bill without notifying those charges to you during the progression of a certain transaction.

Security:- ACE has set a fool-proof security system around its online transfer services worldwide because online money transfers to Pakistan and other countries are prone to hacking and fraud. But, despite attending to millions of its customers, ACE never received any complaint regarding the safety and security of money. It does not stop here. Normally, enhanced security measures involve complex technicalities but ACE’s security mechanism is unbreakable on the one hand and equally user-friendly on the other.

Track transaction:- ACE also has a mechanism in which its customers can track a transaction once a transaction is booked all the way to its completion.

Alerts:- ACE keeps alerting its customers on the status of a transaction through SMS and email alerts. This helps customers keep a closer look at the movement of their funds and the status of a transaction itself.

Viable connectivity:- ACE has a wide footprint in many countries worldwide and an even wider presence within cities and towns and is also connected with local banks which creates ease and convenience for its customers by creating ease of commuting.

Send on the website:- ACE helps you send money to Pakistan online through its official website which requires basic information about the sender and recipient in just a few clicks.


Send on the go:- ACE has a user-friendly mobile app that you can install on your smartphone easily and then can book and initiate a transaction on the go.

Customer service:- ACE reaches out to its customers through its efficient customer service representatives and not only answers queries but also guides them to ensure they do not get worried about matters involving their hard-earned money.

Conclusion:- After studying all of the above features that ACE Money Transfer has on offer for its customers there is little chance for other companies to stand anywhere closer to where ACE stands in terms of the high-quality services it is rendering to exceed customers’ high hopes.