Why should you let go of the old ways of money transfer?

Think about ways to send money to India if you haven’t yet quickly. In this article, we will walk you through the reasons because of which you should transfer your money overseas in newer ways instead of the old ways based on some outdated technologies.

We will also take a look at the merits of these new technologies and the demerits of the older ways so that we have a better understanding.

Suppose you only have the option of sending money online to another country or to a loved one stuck in an emergency requiring immediate financial attention in another part of the same city or country in the middle of the night and you only have banks to transfer funds through!

This scenario alone is reason enough to avoid using old ways of money transfer to India or another country. But, we will see all the reasons one by one at length.

No time restrictions:- In the old ways, an awful drawback in sending money online is the time these transactions take. A wire transfer through a bank takes between three to five business days to complete and thus these ways are not just suitable to meet emergencies; whereas, on the other hand, the newer ways take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours only to complete.

Easy to access:- In the old ways, you would have to go to a certain place to a bank primarily because banks would carry out the financial operations in bulk, and it created commuting hazards for people. But, with the advent of the online money transfer companies, this problem is resolved once and for all since many online money transfer companies are located in nearby locations and in big numbers so you can find many others if not one which is, of course, not the case with banks.

Fee factor:- Another reason why you should use new ways like online money transfer to India or other nations is the huge amount of fees the old methods require. Banks take a long time to transfer money as well as charge huge amounts as service fees which is not suitable either way for the customers.

Fast transfer:- The new ways ensure that the funds, regardless of their volume, transfer as quickly as possible which is the best way to handle scenarios mentioned in the beginning with success and satisfaction.

Transact from comfort zones:- What to speak of visiting the offices of banks or online money transfer companies, the time has come when you can book, initiate and complete a transaction right from the middle of your comfort zone. You wonder how! Through the apps, many reputable companies such as ACE Money Transfer Company have launched. Through these apps, you can transfer funds to any country worldwide, not only from the middle of your comfort zone but also when you are on the go.

Track transaction anytime:- Unlike in the old methods, which made it impossible to track transactions in the new ways, you can track your transaction at any given point in time round the clock because all you need to have to track transactions is an internet connection, a smartphone and the mobile app of the concerned company.

Move cash-free:- In the new ways, you no longer need to keep cash to deposit in the banks etc., to transfer. Rather, as mentioned earlier, you only need your passcode-protected smartphones to send money to India online.

Conclusion:- We have seen how the old ways have become a burden for people to send money online to anywhere worldwide. ACE Money Transfer is one of the companies which have all the above-mentioned features and indeed a lot more for the convenience of its customers because ACE offers tailor-made solutions to the problems of its customers concerning quick money transfer to Senegal.