Why should you send money with ACE Money Transfer rather than a bank account?

Do you know how to send money to Pakistan? In this article, we will talk about why you should send money with ACE Money Transfer instead of a bank account.

ACE Money Transfer has been operating in the online money transfer business since 2002 and has established its remarkable presence in more than 106 countries worldwide. Not only does ACE cater to the needs of its customers, but it has also developed tailor-made solutions for the problems of its customers.

We will now briefly discuss how banks operate in online money transfers.

Traditional method:- Despite living in the technology-driven era, banks still practice the same old method of moving money. Banks send money to other accounts in the same banks or other banks through the wire, which is also known as transfers through cheques. People relating to banks call it Inter-Bank-Transfer (IBT).

Slow processing:- Banks take a few days to transfer the money, and more time a bank will take when the transfer is international. This can create problems for both the sender and the beneficiary since long waits, at times, may not be possible for both or either of them.

Unsuitable for emergencies: Since transferring funds through banks takes time, it is unsuitable for money transfer to Pakistan or other countries in situations requiring immediate financial attention.

Physical fatigue:- Banks also involve physical fatigue of coming to the branches and then waiting in long queues to wait for your turn to reach the concerned counter.

High fee:- Banks will charge you a huge amount for transferring funds as fee or service charges which can affect the principal amount you intend to transfer.

Now let’s take a brief look at reasons for choosing ACE to transfer money online.

Secure transfer:- Online money transfers to Pakistan and other countries are always prone to hacking and fraud. There are many people who have been deprived of their money when they tried to send funds online, but the reason was they approached companies whose security of online operations was weak. But, ACE has set up an air-tight and fool-proof security around its operations which is why despite operating worldwide and attending to millions of its customers, ACE never received any complaint regarding security.

Low fee:- ACE is one of the few companies which charge a low fee as service charges and that too without compromising service quality.

Speedy transfer:- ACE ensures that funds take between a few minutes to a few hours to transfer to any country worldwide.

Options for pick-up:- ACE collaborates with popular online services such as Jazz Cash or EasyPaisa, making it easy and convenient for customers to collect funds. The reason behind this collaboration was to create convenience for the customers as banks operate on schedule and take off a couple of days every week, whereas these services operate 24*7 in some cities.

Accessibility:- ACE has enabled its clients to collect their remittance from any branch of the following commercial banks, which are spread across the country. These banks are Bank Alfalah; MCB Bank; ABL; UBL; JS Bank; NBP; HBL; Meezan Bank, and BoP.

Two online options:- You can book a transaction with ACE on its official website or the user-friendly app ACE has launched to comfort its clients.

Customer service:- ACE’s customer service not only answers queries it also keeps guiding you along every step of the process.

Conclusion:- We have seen how banks operate in online money transfers and how customers face problems while transferring funds. And on the other hand, we have seen the services ACE offers an easy way to send money to Pakistan online to its customers. These services are cheap, convenient and reason enough for ACE’s customer base to keep increasing and expanding with enhanced customer loyalty.