World Bank ranks ACE Money Transfer as second best for UK to Pakistan transfers.

ACE Money Transfer Company is achieving a high rank among many of the well-known money transfer companies in the world. With reference to the official website of World Bank, ACE Money Transfer is the second best money transfer company to send money from UK to Pakistan. According to the statistics published on the website, the said company is preceded by Western Union and yet it is cruising ahead of many well-known transfer companies such as Ria, WorldRemit and Small World.

The statistics showed that ACE Money Transfer’s high-speed transfers and net-cost percentage of 1.40% and 1.68% (GBP) gave it an edge over many of the very popular money transfer giants such as Ria and WorldRemit with1.93%, 2.32% (GBP) and 1.75%, 2.10% (GBP) respectively. Moreover, it can be observed that the transfer speed of 24 hours or less is much faster than most of the other companies listed including Western Union, which lies at a two days spot.

Sending money abroad has never been easier, Besides Pakistan ACE Money Transfer is trusted by over 95 countries spread over 4 continents to provide the most secure and reasonably priced services. We have been at the top of our game since the year 2002, which makes it 17 years of trust and reliance.

We have been known to provide the fastest service which literally takes seconds to process, other than that we provide multiple payment options With over 140 banks and 100,000 payout locations, we have got it all covered!. Besides speed and ease of use, we have the best security systems deployed because when you trust us with your hard earned money we go leaps and bounds to uphold this trust. We also provide the best exchange rates in the industry.

These are some of the reasons why we have been endorsed by some of the most trusted names in the business and what could be more trusted and well known than the World Bank.

These statistics show just how reliable ACE Money Transfer service is. The speed, the security and the ease of access make ACE Money Transfer the most sought after company by the immigrant living abroad who need to send money back to Pakistan again and again.

So next time when you need to send money back to your loved ones, do keep this data in mind to save yourself a notable amount of time and money.

Do you know that you can use ACE Money Transfer to send money to countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda?